About us

About Us

Vishakan Biotech Pvt Ltd (VBL) professionally managed company specialises in Biological solutions for Agriculture and environmental applications. VBL has the widest range over 50 products for pest and disease management, plant health and nutrient and soil health management. Our products are renewable and residue free for high quality and efficacy.

VBL focused on research and technology, we have R & D laboratory with necessary infrastructure, Agricultural scientists, Microbiologists, Pathologists. and Agronomist. Our research team are dedicated to quality and innovation. Our products will help the customers around the world to control disease, pest, improve plant and soil health & increase crop yields. It helps to reducing the chemical pesticide residues in food and other agricultural produce.
Our competence

Isolation and identifying the most effective microbial strains and enhancing its efficacy in many folds. Most strains are isolated from the concerned area soil, (adapted to the local environment/soil).Scientific Production method with high cfu, zero contamination and long shelf life.

Our Mission

Offering sustained quality of our products and unsurpassed in service excellence.Developing and maintaining our high level of integrity, long term sustainable and transporting business relationship.The maintenance of a reputation as an honest dependable supplier as our range of products.

Why Choose Us

Working closely with our supplier and clients in the pro-active development of new products and ideas.Producing various formulations (liquid, powder, granules).Isolates are highly tolerable in soil pH, Temperature, Humidity etc and high survival in the field.


Our Team

Dr. P. Thamizhchelvan who has done his Doctorate in Microbiology and has a wealth of experience in Agricultural Microbiology for more than 29 years. He served as R&D head and Director-Technical in agriculture bio-products manufacturing companies.

He developed and commercialized various proprietary microbial formulations for soil and plant health management, pest and disease control, yield enhancement etc., One of his formulation is a microbial consortium is very successful in commercial and domestic Solid Waste Management. Now he is the Managing Director of Vishakan Biotech Private Limited.
Dr. D. Purusothaman

Dr.D.Purusothaman is former Professor head, Department of Agricultural Microbiology TNAU, Coimbatore is the technical advisor to lead our company in various scientific activity and innovative programme.

Dr. L. Manivel

Dr.L.Manivel former TRA, Tocklai & UPASI Plant Physiologist is our Scientific Technical Advisor. He has wide experience and knowledge on Horticulture and Plantations crops.