V-RICH is VAM fungi (Vesicular Arbuscular Mychorrhizae). The symbiotic association between plant roots and fungal mycelia is termed as mycorrhizae. It acts as an extension of root absorbing surface. These fungi can improve the plant growth through increased nutrient uptake of phosphorus, sulphur, calcium and zinc.

Mode of action - uptake of nutrients
    • The P ions are readily adsorbed on clay complexes and diffuse slowly in the soil so that a depletion zone quickly develops around the actively absorbing rootlets. Fungal hyphae can explore the soil beyond the depletion zone and transport phosphate back into the root.
    • The phosphate is translocated into the mycelium in the root and is released for use by plants.
    • Further these fungi are known to enhance resistance to diseases and help the host plant to take up moisture more efficiently under moisture stress condition.

    VAM fungi transports N, K, Ca, Mg along the fungal mycelium in a manner similar to phosphorus.

Recommended Crops
  • Pepper, Cardamom, Ragi, Citrus, Clove, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Banana, Pepper, Rubber, Mango and other perennial crops.

Method of application
  • Nursery: In nurseries this should be applied 2-3 cm below the top soil at the time of sowing.

    Existing plant: For existing crops 20-200 gm inoculam is required depending on plant size. Before application crack the topsoil and maintain enough moisture and organic matter.

    Viable propagules: 100/g

    Infectivity Potential : 80 IP/gm

    Best before 6 months from manufacturing date

    • Increases nutrient and water uptake
    • Improves soil and plant ecosystem.
    • Increases plant growth ,establishment and yield.
    • Reduces transplant stress ,plant loss and need of chemical fertilizers

    Improves soil structure ,porosity, drought tolerance and resistance to soil borne pathogens like Phythium sp., Fusarium Sp., Rhizoctonia sp.,  Phytopthroa etc.