SOIL BIOBOOSTER is a combination of Biofertlizer, Biopesticide, Bionematicide and few beneficial microbes. It helps to induce plant growth, controls various plant disease, pests, insects and nematodes etc.

Mode of action - uptake of nutrients
  • The beneficial microbes secrete phytohormones in the plant root region to facilitate quicker and vigorous growth of root and shoot.

Recommended Crops
  • Flowering Crops, Bedding Plants, Agriculture Crops, Truffgrass, Horticulture Crops, Container Plants, Spices, Ornamental Crops, Trees.

Method of application
  • Preparation

    • Mix 1Kg Microbial consortium and 1/2 Kg Starter in 200 Ltr water in a plastic container. Allow to ferment for 5 days.
    • Stir well at least once a day.
    • Spray / drench in the morning or evening hours.
    • For best results avoid chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides before or after 10 days of application.

    Dosage: After fermentation, drench 250ml to 5 ltrs (depends upon the size and age of the plant) around the root zone of the plant followed by light irrigation. For best result apply in the early morning or evening.

    • Enhances soil health.
    • Improves structure, texture, porosity and water holding capacity of the soil.
    • Enhances the root growth and roots become strong.
    • The plants become resistant to disease.
    • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizer.
    • Controls the pathogenic microbial population in soil as well as increases the beneficial microbial population therefore the plants become healthy and gives better yield.
    • The plants become resistant to drought.