It is a unique formulation to control Foliar and soil borne diseases. It act as a Bio Control for Fungal Diseases.

Mode of action - uptake of nutrients
  • Beneficial microbes colonizes the root system of the host plant and produces secondary metabolites namely Siderophores, which can suppress the growth of parasite pathogen by restricting the iron availability to the pathogen.

Recommended Crops
  • Ginger, cardamom, banana, turmeric, Gloria superba, Onion, Carrot, Pepper and Other Vegetable crops.

Method of application
  • Mix 1Kg microbes and1/2 Kg Starter in 200 Ltr water in a plastic container, allow to ferment for 5 days, Stir well at least one time a day.

    Soil Application : 2 Pkts/ Acre (400 Lt water), 1 Lit VCOMBINE. After 5 days of fermentation mix 1 Lit V-COMBINE and drench / drip around the root zone of the plant followed by light irrigation. If the infection is more higher dosage may be recommended.

    Foliar Application : 1 Pkt/Acre (200 Lit water). After 5 days of fermentation spray in the foliar region thoroughly.

    Time : Apply in the early morning or evening hours.

    Duration : 30-45 days Interval.

    CAUTION : Do not mix with chemical fungicides.

    • Enhances the mycocidal activity and biological stability.
    • Organisms present in this formulation has the ability to produce plant growth promoting substances, which promote the plant growth and improves nutrient uptake of the plant.
    • It forms a natural protective barrier around the root zone against pathogen entry.
    • Enhances stress resistance power of the plants and it also helps to increase the quality and quantity of yield.