V-COMBINE ( Biostimulant for plants) is natural biostimulant for plants, roots and soil.

Mode of action - uptake of nutrients
  • Balanced nutrient composition of V-COMBINE in natural form promotes general health of crops and enhances defence mechanisms of plants against invading diseases, pests and natural imbalances.

Recommended Crops
  • Flowers, Fruits, Orchards, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Plantation Crops, Sugarcane.

Method of application
  • Soil application : Apply directly to the soil with the aid of a conventional garden sprayer (Dilute 2 lit of V-COMBINE in 500 lit water/ acre spray).

    Soil drenching : 4 ml/lit water and drench around the root zone area.

    Foliar application :  4 ml/lit water. Spray should cover both surfaces of leaves and flowers.

    • Enlarges the fruit size, increases the yield and improves the quality of the product.
    • A chelating agent and soil enhancer.
    • Increase resistance against crop diseases.